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Holiday Homes St Lucia


If you're planning a vacation to the Caribbean and not quite sure which Caribbean holiday destination to choose, you need to take another look, better yet a closer look on the unbelievably beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia.

Thousands of tourists from around the world choose St Lucia as their ideal vacation spot for long list of reasons.

Joint me as we explore and discover all the wonders that St Lucia delivers.However you look at it St Lucia as an Adventure for you - simply say it is the place to be.

Holiday Homes in St Lucia

St Lucia has many type, price, style of accommodation to fit any budget. The island offers wonderful holiday homes to tourists at very affordable rates.

From international renowned destination claims like Sandals resorts to small Ma and Pa style bed and breakfast accommodations. There is no better county to choose when it comes to quality of Vacation rentals and holiday homes than St Lucia.

Ways and how to select that picture perfect St Lucian holiday home

With Internet being so popular it has become very easy for everyone to go on line a plan a picture perfect vacation anywhere around the world even on a tropical paradise like St Lucia

Like with everything on line care should be taken and reviews explain when selecting that perfect vacation spot at all times especially unsolicited reviews from tourist who has being to the locate and being there and done that.

The search engines offer potential traveler wonderful pictures and full display of the beauty that St Lucia has to offer.

What can I do in St Lucia

The island of St Lucia has many tourist attractions and things to do for just about everyone. Here is very quick list of awesome attractions to check out:

The Pitons - Iconic pitons is the trade mark of the island - a must see and tour guide offer hiking to its peak and back. Its world renown as it is also a UNESCO would heritage site

The Ocean - The Caribbean side of the island has great beaches and great for swimming and snorkeling all year round.

Golfing - The Island as a long list and unique selections of international certify tier one golf courses and golf resorts, some even offer golf courses for the golf enthusiast.

The world's only drive in active volcano - Very popular as place for alternative medicine, spa and relaxation in mud baths and more.

Horseback riding, water sports, fishing, cycling routes, hill walking to name just a few of the most popular leisure activities available in abundance on this island paradise

A vacation in St Lucia is sure to be very memorable for the entire family.